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Horsemanship & Versatility Ranch Horse

Whether your goals are skills based or performance oriented, we've got an exciting lineup of events in Virginia this May!

Join us for two days focusing on your horsemanship at Quail Run Farm in Marshall, VA then have two days to practice or perform what you learned at the East Coast Stock Horse Association show in Reva, VA. You'll have the opportunity to choose which classes to enter (and at which level) to ensure you and your horse feel confident and have fun as you reach for a new level of partnership together. Whether you're showing for the first time, or focusing on higher goals for performance, it's all about horsemanship and we're here to help you every step of the way. At the end of the show, you'll recap with Trevor to fill in the missing links and Plan 4 Progress to solidify your success for the many rides ahead.


Each day we'll be focusing on the elements of versatility ranch horse competition to help you improve the adaptability of your horse by implementing performance maneuvers and timeframes into your training routine with your horse.
RANCH RIDING: Transitions and timing
RANCH TRAIL: Obstacles and combinations
REINING: Speed control and spacing
COW WORKING: Fundamentals on the flag

East Cost Stock Horse Association
Ranch Horse Versatility Show

Reva, VA 

Event is limited to 10 Riders  

STALL RENTAL at Quail Run Farm for $25 per night, which includes 4 bags of shavings for the duration of the clinic/show. All those who wish to arrange for overnight stalls should contact facility owner Ms. Cindy Hess directly at

OVERNIGHT LODGING is also available at Quail Run Farm by arrangement with Ms. Cindy in advance.

LUNCHES available Thursday and Friday for $10 per person. Contact Sherry at wildwildworld1@gmail in advance.

In the event the show in Reva is cancelled due to weather, the clinic will continue at Quail Run Farm.

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Horsemanship + Versatility Ranch Horse
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